Harmony & Soul™ Studio - Services (Energy Balancing, Crystals, Soul Realignment, Reiki)

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Our Main Services

Crystal Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive form of healing that uses the power of crystals to bring your body’s energy back into balance.

  • Realigns subtle energies
  • Dissolves dis-ease
  • Promotes feeling of wellbeing
  • Smooths out emotions
  • Promotes physical, spiritual and emotional healing
Chakra Balancing

Realigns the body’s 7 major energy centers that connect universal life force energy with your physical body.

  • Perfect introductory session
  • For time sensitive clients
  • Rebalances the 7 major chakras
  • Quick way to feel relaxed and energized
Soul Realignment

Discover who you are at Soul level while clearing any negative energetic patterns preventing you from living your best life.

  • Learn how your Soul was created to receive abundance
  • Find out how your Divine gifts shape how you show up in your life
  • Discover what patterns are preventing you from receiving true joy and happiness
  • Together we will create a plan to get you back in alignment with your true self

We Believe There Is More To You

Inside you, there lies a beautiful being. Happy, joyous, creative, loving, and excited for every moment of life.

Sometimes, our daily activities, responsibilities, thoughts and emotions can start to diminish those aspects of ourself. We begin to notice that we’re not as happy as we once were, or that we’ve taken on physical discomfort and don’t know why. These things can make us feel that the world is against us, that we’re not worthy of the things we desire, that we’re stuck dealing with what we’ve got.

It’s wonderful to know that we have the power to change the course in our life. That we have the choice every day to make it better. Through energy work, we can discover root causes of what is holding us back, getting in our way and release what is no longer serving us.

I believe in you. I believe in the beautiful being that you ARE. I encourage you to look within, get reacquainted with yourself, and if you need some guidance, I am here for you.



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